Summer… Strawberries

I just came back from visiting my family and friends in Russia. I had a wonderful time, I spent a lot of it at my mum’s garden. Among loads of chores I did there :) I collected this lovely little wild (or alpine) strawberries:


Oh, the sweet, heavenly aroma of them! This little bowl filled the whole house.

Strawberries are like a soul, an embodiment of summer, their wonderful aroma, their marvelous flavour epitomize everything I love about this time of year.

June is my favourite month. You know why?

Because my beautiful roses start blossoming in June, that’s why!

Here they are:

This rose I brought in a little pot from Hever Castle 7 years ago and it never fail to delight me ever since. Here is is “before and after”, i.e. in buds and now in full flowering glory


This little beauty called “Irish Eyes” changes it’s colour from red to orange to yellow while it blossoms:


My mother-in-law gave this red rose to me for my birthday and just look at it!


And these are some of the other beautiful blooms I enjoy every time I go out to my garden.

rose 1







Panda cushion, made by me :)

Finished this cushion cover a couple of days ago and I must say, I really enjoyed making it. Pandas are very cute but it’s tricky to keep them that way with applique technique! I think I managed this time :)

Handmade appliqued cushion cover "Serene Panda"

Handmade appliqued cushion cover “Serene Panda”



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Fantasy Cats™ Family is growing – my latest painting

My latest edition to the Fantasy Cats™ family – “Two Cats on Cloud Nine” painting is finished.

These two love each other and are blissfully happy :)

"Two Cats on Cloud Nine" Size :20 cm x 38 cm; approx 7.8" x 15" Medium : Acrylic paints Material : canvas

“Two Cats on Cloud Nine”
Size :20 cm x 38 cm; approx 7.8″ x 15″
Medium : Acrylic paints
Material : canvas



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New Fantasy Cats™ Painting. I want to be that cat!

I’ve been very busy lately. My hunger for painting kept me away from a lot of things including this blog :) Sorry if you missed me :)

And here is one of the Fantasy Cats paintings I’ve just finished and varnished – “Relaxing in the Meadows” – where the cats are doing exactly what is says on the tin!

Size : 22.5cm x 30.5cm; approx 9"x12" Medium : Acrylic paints Material : canvas

Size : 22.5cm x 30.5cm; approx 9″x12″
Medium : Acrylic paints
Material : canvas


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