A New Cushion is being born – Part 2

Well, a first part of the “Project”  is done. The cats are stitched on, their little faces are embroidered. It was quite difficult, actually, I had to unpick the embroidery a couple of times before I got it right. Was very frustrating and took a long time.


Now it’s time for a loooong process of creating a pattern around it… Hope it will come out all right…

To be continued.


A New Cushion is being born!

Right. I feel an urge to make a new cushion cover. It is annoying because it could dwell on you at any moment, like I am watching TV and in the middle of a movie I catch myself on thinking “What colour?”… Anyway, this is how the journey starts.

After I have chosen a cushion cover I am going to work with I start thinking: “Mmmmm… what can I put on it?” Thinking time!


OK, got the general idea of what I’d like to do with it! Now to the  “drawing board” aka dining table 🙂


Done my drawing, now make the templates.


Cut out the main figures, stitching time!

2013-01-26 15.15.23

To be continued 🙂

My Little Pony Cushions – dedicated to all fans of MLP

My youngest is a huge fun of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. So she induced me to make these cushions. They are based on the well-loved, sleek and simplistic wallpaper designs made by Megasweet.  It is completely hand-sewn and I had to be really careful to find the exact colours of fabrics, my daughter was very strict about it!. I used a free motion applique technique and some embroidery. Makes a perfect gift for bronies and pegasisters alike!

Applejack Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity Twilight Sparkle

The are on sale here and you can order them as well.

Art or Craft? You decide!

Hello again!

I have to confess to another hobby of mine: I just love needlework. I like embroidering and making applique, so I made several cushions as presents for my family and friends and then decided to sell some…

Anyway, some time ago one of my friends said something about it being “merely a craft”. That got me thinking. I must say I put a lot of creativity in my ‘projects’ (this is how I call my cushion covers). They are all individually designed and then stitched entirely by hand – I don’t use sawing machine. I put a lot of my heart in it, I have to think of a theme, colour scheme, then spend quite a lot of time creating the whole thing. So, do you think I can call it “Art”? Or is it “merely a craft”?

Here are some of my work. If you’d like to see more they are on sale here

autumn cat2 balloon cat2 mice 1 cat and bird 2


I love cats. In fact, I am the crazy cat lady. And my family are the same (well, my husband is not exactly crazy, but still…) So, one day my younger daughter asked me: “Mum, why don’t you paint cats?” Why indeed? I never thought about it. But then I realized that a) I don’t want to paint cats in oil; and b) I don’t want to do them ‘realistically’, so to say. So I decided to try a new media – acrylic. And I tried to depict cats the way I imagined them rather than saw them in real life. These were my first “Fantasy Cats” – a present to my daughter for being the inspiration for my new journey:

purple framed 5grey framed 4 6 brown framed on wallorange framed 4

I did quite a lot more after that and sold a few. People seem to like something different in cats’ art 🙂 Show you more of my cats soon