Art or Craft? You decide!

Hello again!

I have to confess to another hobby of mine: I just love needlework. I like embroidering and making applique, so I made several cushions as presents for my family and friends and then decided to sell some…

Anyway, some time ago one of my friends said something about it being “merely a craft”. That got me thinking. I must say I put a lot of creativity in my ‘projects’ (this is how I call my cushion covers). They are all individually designed and then stitched entirely by hand – I don’t use sawing machine. I put a lot of my heart in it, I have to think of a theme, colour scheme, then spend quite a lot of time creating the whole thing. So, do you think I can call it “Art”? Or is it “merely a craft”?

Here are some of my work. If you’d like to see more they are on sale here

autumn cat2 balloon cat2 mice 1 cat and bird 2


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