Oh… My… God! I can’t paint!

During the last three days I’ve been having a “painting block”.

I can’t paint!

I want to. I really do.

It’s burning within me but when I put my brush to the canvas I just seem not to be able to express ANYTHING! This is about all I can do (well, almost)

bad painting

It is bloody frustrating!!! Because I know exactly what it should look like but I am not able enough to do it!!!

Does anybody else experience similar problem? Or is it just poor miserable me?


2 thoughts on “Oh… My… God! I can’t paint!

  1. When frustrated by shortfalls in expertise, do what I do… experiment. Play with color. Slop and slide orange with blue, yellow with green and black with white. Form and perspective holds no sway over play and that is all I can say today.

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