Reminiscing about a Beautiful Castle

I was looking through my photos today and found the ones I took last spring. It is horrible outside, wet and cold so I thought I’d re-visit some lovely memories.

When we went to see Scotney Castle I didn’t expect to see not one but two two of them! But there were two castles indeed, the Old one which hasn’t been habitable for ages and the New one which was not actually a castle but a huge manor house really.

Scotney Castle

Even that it was drizzling slightly that day, the gardens were so beautiful that I didn’t care about the weather! Azaleas and rhododendrons were in full bloom and the views were just so magnificent!

Garden and the moat

The Old castle is, of course, everything a castle should be.

Old castle view from the mote

Old Castle

It was was actually nearly destroyed when new owners bought the estate and was left as a … garden feature! Ha! Do you have a feature in your garden? I have a frigging gnome! Well, some have a medieval  castle.

There are lots of little charming corners on the grounds like this boat house

Boat house

or an ice house (old version of  a fridge-freezer). It is enormously deep!

Ice house

The New caste is grand and beautiful in its own right.

The ‘new’ Scotney castle

It is very romantic. I was sitting on a bench at the back of this huge manor house and imagining a young Miss in a long white dress coming out onto these stone steps in the morning and looking at these very fields and gardens and walking on the very same paths…  what a strange feeling! It hasn’t changed much I would imagine..

At the back of the new castle

I loved this little detail of the stone fountain!

detail of the fountain

Many rooms are very well preserved and  probably because the last owner died so recently (1970s) it still feels like a real home rather than a museum. Some rooms look as if the lady of the house is going to enter any minute and say something like “How do you do?

One of the ladies looking after the castle told me that some rooms and outbuildings have been let to various people including…  Margaret Thatcher who lived here in secret for quite a few years and when her husband was given a title he was made 1st Baronet of Scotney!

All in all it was a wonderful visit and if you are ever in Kent I strongly recommend to go and see this place. You will fall in love with it as I did!

View on the Old castle


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