Sharing my favourite painting

I’d like to share with you one of my favourite paintings of one of my favourite artist.

The name of the artist is Ivan Shishkin, he was Russian, lived in the 19th century.

Shishkin’s portrait by I.Kramskoy

He studied in the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts, graduated with the highest honours and a gold medal. He was famous during his lifetime and he was especially celebrated for his landscapes.

This particular painting I saw many times during my childhood on various chocolates and chocolate boxes. I don’t know why it was in such  favour with the chocolate makers. Usually it was reproduced quite horribly.

choc chocolate

I practically grew up with this image and never really gave it any thought.

So I was not prepared for the moment when I actually saw this painting for the first time in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. To say that I was stunned, amazed, dazed by it is an understatement.

I.Shishkin “Morning in a Pine Forest”

To start with it was big –  139 cm × 213 cm (55 in × 84 in).

I remember it was hanging on a separate wall and I just stopped and looked at it in awe. I was blown away by it’s power, it’s beauty (how over-used  this word is!)

All of a sudden I found myself right there, in that July morning forest, I could feel the warm air, I could almost smell that rich aroma of the pine resin … I could almost hear those bears moving around and making “bear” sounds – ? It was magical! I was so overwhelmed by this painting that I just stood there for a long time  absorbing it and memorizing it forever.

Unfortunately it is impossible to convey the beauty of this painting in a digital copy, I understand that. So, if you  ever find yourself in Moscow 🙂 have a look at it in the Tretyakov Gallery! There are a lot of other things worth looking…

P.S.: I never bought those chocolates again.


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