HELP! Need tips in photography!

Hello, everybody!

I really, REALLY need some good tips in photographing my paintings.

I read loads on Internet but just can’t do it right. I am  not happy with my photos at all. I do take them in the day light, do not use flash and even try to “improve” them on on-line editor (unfortunately, I don’t have the Photoshop).

I still can’t get them look like they are in real life.

I saw a lot of wonderful photos of art here, in other people’s blogs. Would you care to share with me some tips on how you do it?

Thank you very much!


4 thoughts on “HELP! Need tips in photography!

  1. !) Use a tripod and the delay shutter release, so when the picture is taken, you are not touching the camera.
    2) Zoom to at least 2x to avoid distortion.
    3) Outdoors, have the painting facing North, and an overcast day is best–avoid sunlight. Tilt the picture to avoid reflections.
    If all else fails, buy a Photoshop, and good luck!

    • Thank you so much for your kind advice! I will definitely try it next time and hope it’ll work for me. I really admire your paintings and they do look wonderful on photos, though they are even better in real life, I am sure!

  2. I took some photos of paintings in the art museum in D.C.
    Many of the photos are good—I did not use a flash and there was no glare on the photos.
    If there is enough good light in the room (but not directly shining on the photo), you should be able to get a nice picture. Light coming in from a window wouldn’t be the best, because it would cast shadows. Experiment. Take photos from several different angles, to see which one works best in the room you are in..
    I don’t have a tripod and my pictures are usually pretty clear. I must have a steady hand?

    • Thanks, Mary! I don’t use flash or tripod and I do use enlargement. My main problem is glare and now I see my mistake – thanks to you! I did position it opposite the window trying to get a better light. I will definitely take your advise and try it 1. away from the window 2. different angles. Thank you so much for your reply and kind advice!

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