I love English countryside!

As the weather started to look like the spring (at last!) we went for a little drive in the countryside last Sunday. I love English countryside! The green and brown fields, gentle hills, hedgerows, clean blue skies… A huge pheasant sitting in the plowed field… Bright golden daffodils at the roadside… Clouds of white blossom in the orchards… So beautiful!

We wanted to have a look at a little fishing lake where my husband is going to fish, it is quite small,is  in the middle of nowhere and flooded at the moment 🙂 So we couldn’t really go far.

DSCN4697 DSCN4696

There were loads of huge frogs sunbathing at the water edge and when we came closer they all leaped back into water with very loud ‘splash-splash-splash’. It was very funny…

The little lake is all surrounded by dry reeds and a thicket of bramble and on this background a flowering tree looked unexpectedly bright…


All in all it was a gorgeous day!



For all cats lovers – my new cushion cover “Four Jolly Cats”

Completed… at last! Had that idea of making a cover with several cats and they should be funny and mischievous and good-natured and everything cats are.


What do you think?


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Spring is a busy time

Have less spare time now that the real spring is here… While it is still warm and sunny (you never know what to expect from English weather :)) I spend all days in my garden which is getting lovelier every day.

2013-04-23 16.10.49

My gooseberry bush which I thought had died last year but is alive and kicking!


2013-04-23 16.09.56But I am still trying to do what I love to do, so you will see my work here soon, I promise :)!

My new little landscape painting “Dead Tree in the Marshes”

Last autumn we were in the marshes not far from where I live. It is always very quiet and deserted there as it is a Nature Reserve for birds, it is hard to believe that 9-million London is a mere 40 miles away… It was nearly evening, the air was crisp and clear and almost all the trees stood bare and sad.


Size : 10cmx15cm; approx 4″x9″
Medium : Oil
Material : primed panel



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The last of the series (for now): Hetalia cushion, France

Finished the fourth cushion cover from the FACE/New Continent Family, America.

The cushions can be grouped together, or be put on your sofa singly – as you wish 🙂


Hetalia cushion cover – France


eng fr1

can fr1


As usual, they are in my shop here, together with my other works