Music… Something out of this world…

Yesterday I went to listen to London Symphony Orchestra.

It was unforgettable.

It was just too wonderful for words.

But I’ll try.

To start with, in spite of the fact that I love classic music, I’ve never listened to a symphony live. I’ve been to a ballet and opera numerous times and listened to recordings and watched concerts on TV and YouTube :). But what I really wanted was to listen to a’ real’ orchestra (you know what I mean).

And yesterday it happened to me. Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 5 happened to me.

While I was sitting there with my eyes closed , awash with this heavenly music,  I was feeling such happiness… and sadness.. and compassion for this great composer and very unhappy person who created this music… Everything was in it: the world’s greatness and bleakness and beauty  and tranquility and love and despair and hope. Oh, I can’t express it properly! All I know, I had tears in my eyes at some point…

They said he wrote this Symphony during six month. Really? Surely, it just appeared, this incredible flow of the most beautiful music in the world!

After the concert a strange thought suddenly came to me. Strictly speaking, Tchaikovsky and, say, a football fan brandishing a can of beer and brawling after a game – are made of the same gene material. So, what put them in such polar corners of humanity? What is it that makes one human being create a heavenly music and the other – shout obscenities, fight and puke in the gutter?

tchaikovsky_2 fat-packer-fan1

What is this divine spirit that drives a person like Tchaikovsky to bring into existence music that moves you so much?  I must admit, that even being an atheist myself, I started thinking of some sort of a link between him and.. well, God, surely?

The concert hall was filled to the brim. And the ovation didn’t seize for about half an hour after the music stopped. My palms are hurting today…


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