Rose in my garden

pink rose 1

A rose

A Rose
Is filled with colors.

A Rose
Is part of Love

A Rose
Grows in the spring time

A Rose
Will never die if you grow it
In your house

A Rose
Could fill your
Heart up with joy

A Rose
Is a Rose and nothing
can make that change.

James Wilhoite

My latest painting “Moon night at the Lake”

I was in an nostalgic mood the other day and this is what I produced 🙂


Size : 12cm x 17cm; approx 5″ x 7″
Medium : Oil

It is a memory of a place rather than a place itself if you know what I mean…


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My latest Handmade Cushion Cover

When I finished this cushion cover I had an image in my head that it is actually a Japanese Clever Fox lurking among the lily leaves in her garden…

So I embroidered some  hieroglyphs meaning “fox”. In Japanese, obviously… 🙂


Size: 48cm / 18″
Materials: Cotton fabrics, felt

fox2 fox1

You can see (and buy it if you wish) along with my other works here

My latest cushion cover “Curious Koala”

I just finished my latest cushion cover with an amusing Koala sitting on a tree, munching her leaves and thinking: “What else is there in the world?”

The cover itself is made of silky “Spanish pink” fabric; the koala – from a high quality felt and other details – from various fabrics.

Every single detail, including each leaf, are sewn by hand with love and care.


Handmade applique decorative cushion cover “Curious Koala”
The cover’s size is a square 48cm / 18″


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