Ode to my beautiful flower

My beautiful flower

Clinging to the fence,

What is in your mind?

Would you like to confess?


Are you talking to the sun,

The wind and the clouds?

Are you gazing at the sky

And showing it your elegance?


But you keep your silence…

Too proud to talk.

You are regal in your beauty.

Let me admire you some more.

clematis 2


7 thoughts on “Ode to my beautiful flower

    • It is called Josephine. They are such beautiful flowers but, unfortunately I haven’t got too much space in my garden for a lot of them. As for growing them from seeds – wow! It must be really difficult. They are not easy plants, aren’t they? I just noticed that my one started having dry leaves… I cut them off, but worried that it is the beginning of a disease…

      • I have a post about how to grow Clematis from seeds, if you are curious you can check it out. It is not difficult at all but really takes months to grow. It was fun doing it during winter though, consider you can not do any gardening when it is snowing! Where do you live? Perhaps for Clematis seeds exchange?

      • I live in England.
        I looked at your last post and couldn’t help admiring your irises. They are amazing! I am unlucky with irises, they just don’t want to flower for me…

      • There are few things you can do to get them flower for you…

        1.Fertilize some bone meal in early spring.
        2.When the rhizome form a circle will not flower so divide the plant to break circle then it will flower.
        3.Trim away the green leaves when it is cold, like end of fall or early winter.

        Give them a try, I hope my professional experiences can help you as well! 🙂

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