Do you like cemeteries?

I do! I find them really strangely captivating; I am talking about old, ancient cemeteries, of course. It makes me feel strange when I walk between old, sometimes unrecognizable graves – who lies there? People who lived and died so many years, even centuries ago…


This is the cemetery at St. Michael’s Mount – a wonderful little island off the coast of Cornwall with a magnificent castle on top of it.


St Michael’s Mount Castle, Cornwall


St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

It is closed to the public, unfortunately,  so when we visited St Michael’s Mount all I could see was just several very old headstones. But it made me curious and I looked it up. Not a lot of information is available, lamentably, but consider this. St Michael’s is a minuscule island separated from the mainland by the tide. For centuries sailors, fishermen – may be pirates even – landed on this island; and there was a tiny village at the bottom of the mount.

The oldest grave I could locate is dated 1754. The cemetry looked quite small  but I found out that there is approximately 724 graves and 111 of them are those of PAUPERS! How weird! How did they get there? Who were they? Why and how did they die and were buried at this cemetery? Lots of questions but, of course, no answers could be found now…

Interesting though… Mysterious even. Well, for me anyway


“Badger” – my newest cushion cover

I intended this cushion cover as a pair to the one I made earlier (“Fox”) but I think it loos good on its own as well.

The details are made of high quality sewing felt and cotton fabric. Every detail is sewn by hand and I embroidered some details.


size: 44cm / 17″




You can look at (and buy) it and my other staff here

Dedicated to Harry Potter’s owl: My latest cushion cover

I re-read the whole Harry Potter saga recently … for the 6th time… Sad, I know but here we go. I love it.

And again I cried my eyes out when his white owl, Hedwig, was killed in the battle.

I love Hedwig. She was ALWAYS THERE FOR HIM. Other characters come and go, sometimes they are with him, but at other times they are not, they fall out and make up, etc., etc. But this faithful bird was always with Harry. And she died so tragically – almost  unnoticeably – so sad…

So, for her friendship, her loyalty, her allegiance – I remember her. To Hedwig, the Snowy Owl


Handmade applique decorative cushion cover “White Owl, Hedwig, Harry Potter”
size is a square 48cm / 18″

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The cushion cover is made using the applique technique from high quality sewing felt, each detail is sewn by hand and I used some embroidery as well.


You can see this cushion and my other works (an buy them if you wish) here