A little trip into Russian history – Kuskovo (part 4)

Ok, now to the grand and dazzling king of Kuskovo – the Palace.


It was built in the second half of the 18th century in the new neoclassical style by the Moscow architect Karl Blank ( he was said to be one of the last practitioners of Baroque architecture and the first Moscow architect to build neoclassical buildings). It was built purely for the entertainment of Sheremetevs’ guests in the summer. Not to live in, you understand. Convenient!

At the main entrance you can see two big ramps so that carriages with as many as eight horses could come directly to the front door.

entrance topalace

You can just imagine when the carriage arrived, servants would rush out the front doors and hold the horses while the guests descended.

Right in the middle of the portico you can see a monogram «PS» (Pyotr Sheremetev) under the count’s crown:

kuskovo palaca porch

Under the high porch there were wineries and utility rooms – very good space management 🙂

Inside the palace on the western end of the building, were twelve large state rooms  and, as it was fashionable in those days, all the rooms are situated as an enfilade, with doorways in line with each other. All the rooms downstairs are frightfully grand, the walls are covered with wooden planks and painted to look like marble – and you can’t really tell the difference!

All the rooms are filled with lots of paintings and several portraits of Russian Royals – our Pyotr used to entertain them there after all.

Exquisite and festive,The State Bedroom is another room that was decorated just to show off the owner’s taste and riches. Though it has a bed, it was never used as a bedroom.

Kuskovo, near Moscow. Russia

The Dancing Hall or hall of mirrors is absolutely unbelievable! It is the largest and most decorated room in the house. The ceiling is painted and the walls are covered with mirrors and decorated in white and gold. Imagine the balls that used to be held there, all the ladies and gentlemen dancing those formal ball dances, in white powdered wigs, in silk and velvet gowns covered with jewels… The word “imagine” was the one I said all the time in Kuskovo…

ball room

The Service of Sèvres porcelain given by Napoleon to Czar Alexander I in 1807,is  on display in the Dancing Hall.


The  Dining Room is as opulent as the rest of them , all the paintings and decoration there stressed the long history and glory of the Sheremetev family.

dining room

On the table there is another example of a dining service which are pride and joy of Kuskovo.

800px-Kuskovo_Palace_Dining_RoomThere are so many other rooms in the Big House (as the Palace used to be called), all splendidly and very tastefully decorated, all covered with gold and marble, yet each one different and distinctive… I am lacking words here to pay tribute to the beauty of them all.

So I am leaving for now. See you next time!

===================================to be continued ==========================================



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