Just finished this cushion cover: “Two Busy Pandas”

I was quite busy lately, what with the decorating the bedroom and various garden work…

But I still managed to make this cushion cover:


Handmade appliqued cushion cover “Two Busy Pandas”

tp4 tp2

These cute pandas are very busy munching their lunch meditatively…

It involved a lot of work but I think I it came out well and I am quite pleased with it, myself :).

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Let me introduce you to two loving cats

Just finished this Fantasy Cats painting:


“Cuddling Cats”
Size : 22.5cm x 30.5cm; approx 9″x12″
Medium : Acrylic paints
Material : canvas


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Just a poem I read… sad…

rain street

Of all the public places, dear
to make a scene, I’ve chosen here.

Of all the doorways in the world
to choose to sleep, I’ve chosen yours.
I’m on the street, under the stars.

For coppers I can dance or sing.
For silver-swallow swords, eat fire.
For gold-escape from locks and chains.

It’s not as if I’m holding out
for frankincense or myrrh, just change.

You give me tea. That’s big of you.
I’m on my knees. I beg of you.

Simon Armitage