Amazing Russian Woman

There is a small village called Boob (don’t laugh, it doesn’t mean anything in Russian!), 200 km from Russian city of Perm (near the Ural mountains)


The village is somewhere there…

There is  even no proper road  lading to it and the village itself is quite small – several streets with log houses, a school, a shop, a village hall – that’s just about everything there is.

But in this unremarkable village lived a remarkable woman. Her name was Matrena Yakovleva.

This is her story.

Before the WW II she lived with her family like everybody else – farming, looking after their live stock, bringing up children.

Then the war started and Matrena’s husband and sons went to the front.

In 1943 Matrena sold everything she had – her house, her cows and sheep, honey and butter she made – and raised 100 thousand roubles – enormous amount of money then ( a car costed 6.5 thousand roubles) .She sent the money to the Defense Fund for the purchase of …an airplane – to help the battle against the German invaiders!

For the rest of her life Matrena lived in the neighbors’ houses in turn and everyone  was honored to have her living in their home.

Matrena’s sons were all killed in the war, her husband came back wounded and died several years later.

Matrena lived a long life – she died in 1995 age 101.


Last year the people of the Perm’s  region collected money for a memorial to this ordinary modest woman who sacrificed everything she had in order to contribute to the War effort.


The inscription says: “To Matrena Yakovleva from grateful descendants”

This story touched me a lot and I wanted to share it with you…


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