Carry on walking around London

So, I started my walk down Park Lane and I spotted something which looked suspiciously like a horse. I just had to go and have a look!

It was a Monument to Animals at War –  a powerful and moving tribute to all the animals that served, suffered and died  in the wars and conflicts of the 20th century.

2013-12-14 11.55.20

There were four figures all together: two heavily laden mules in front of the wall…


… and a dog and a horse at the back, having gone through the wall bearing witness to the loss of their comrades

The figures of the animals were just fantastic. Two mules at the front, carrying all that war stuff, so resigned to their fate (and all the time you think “Animals.. at war… no chance of surviving for them…”)

Because the whole composition was not made on the same level and was spread over the lawn, among the trees it didn’t look like any official memorial but rather like something very natural and organic and all the more powerful for that reason.

The wall itself was carved with ghostly  silhouettes  of various animals lost in wars and there were inscriptions  about theatres of war and the numbers of animals lost.

But this short line just shocked me

2013-12-14 11.55.32

They didn’t, did they?! NO CHOICE… How terrible… What a poignant inscription…

2013-12-14 11.56.30

There were lots of wreaths from various animal charities  at the base of the wall and two photos of dogs wrapped in plastic files with their stories – obviously recent reminders that the poor creatures still serve with their masters… and still die.

Later I found out that the Memorial was build with the money collected from a national appeal and donations from many charities, companies and people.

I stood there for a long time. It made me very sad and sorrowful thinking of all those creatures who didn’t start  wars, didn’t want to take part in wars but had no choice… and perished…



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