To heaven and back

I went to Barbican last night to get my much needed fix of classical music.


Barbican Centre, London

Two pieces – Beethoven, Piano Concerto No3 and Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony.


Well, what can I say? I can’t exactly describe MUSIC. Nobody can. You don’t need words for Beethoven. Suffice to say that it brought me to tears at some point. Seriously, I cried (a little) 🙂

What did surprise me was Rachmaninov’s music.

I mean, of course, I knew Rachmaninov, who doesn’t, right? And yet I must confess I had not been able to recall it exactly…

Ok, I forgot!


I was absolutely stunned. 

His music was like a feast… like fireworks… like an ocean…

It washed over me like a huge beautiful wave leaving no space for any earthly feelings… just the emotions of love, happiness, sorrow, sadness, joy – all of them combined. I was in a different dimension altogether.




Do you know what? The only justification of human race inhabiting the Earth is their ability to create music.

PS: I am proud to be Russian… 🙂




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