Behind the Scenes of my workshop

For me making my appliqued cushions is an art.

Someone would laugh, no doubt, – art, really?! It’s only small pieces of fabric attached to a bigger piece of fabric.

Well, not so for me.

It all starts with looking for an idea. What should I make? What animal? What colour scheme? What background? What additional details? All this is important for the future cushion!

Then I have to decide on the order of working the fabrics, sizes, cutting out the details, etc. 


Now I can start!

Mind you, at this stage it doesn’t look very promising 🙂


Still not all that interesting, is it?


How about now?


Sleeping Fox with a Sunflower


Detail – fox


Detail – sunflower

I always give names to my cushions because I put my imagination, lots of work and creativity into making it.

This one is called “Sleeping Fox and a Sunflower”.

You can find all my work here. Thank you for looking!



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