Duke of Wellington? Hmmm…

Last week, when I went to London, I visited Apsley House,  also known as Number One, London. It is the London townhouse of the Dukes of Wellington and, although it is now a museum, the 8th Duke still uses some of it as a residence.



Of, course it is dedicated to the life of the first Duke, the one who defeated Napoleon, and is full of treasures and mementos, as well as enormous amount of art, which was collected by the Duke.

Two things were especially interesting for me.

One is on a serious note: I haven’t realized just HOW famous and celebrated the Duke of Wellington was. Literally, the whole Europe bowed to him and loved him for the freedom he bestowed on it by beating Napoleon.

The second one is on the humorous side and I encountered it when I went out from the museum to the Hyde Park. There, just opposite Apsley House, stood a monument. From afar it looks just like one of many other statures.


But when I came nearer I found out that it is actually Wellington’s! Seriously!


Now, compare:


Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

and this


wellington statue

What was it – flattery?

I found it incredibly funny – depicting a XIX century Georgian man (albeit a great one) as a Greek warrior!




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