Only in London – the city of surprises

Went to London on Saturday and this time my area of wondering was St James’s Park – a lovely piece of greenery roughly between the Parliament Square, Whitehall (the street where most of the government buildings are)  and Buckingham Palace.

st james's park

I  saw a lot of wonderful things – as usual, London never fails to fulfill my hopes and expectations.

But two sightings – at exactly the same spot, just three hours apart – made my day.

The first one was this:

2014-06-14 15.37.34

They were the the Queen’s Guards quietly galloping back after Trooping the Color event, the military parade hold in the Horse Guards Parade to celebrate the queen’s official birthday.

So far, so good. Very proper sight in the centre of London, near the Queen’s palace among other Royal palaces and parks.

And then, while I was enjoying a quiet moment in St James’s park, I heard strange noises coming from The Mall (wide thoroughfare at the side of the park) and saw a lot of people running towards the road. So I followed them.

This is what I saw:

2014-06-14 17.10.37

2014-06-14 17.11.05 2014-06-14 17.12.44

There were hundreds of them! All stark naked!! All laughing and waving to us!!!

God knows what they were riding for but it was just… hilarious.

Well, this is London for you 🙂




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