Cats, cats, cats – now on my cushions

I am a great cat lover – well, this is obvious.

I realized that I made quite a few of my cushion/pillow covers featuring cats – in various forms, colours and sizes.

Let’s have a look.

First, my Black Cats:

"Cheeky Black Cat"

“Cheeky Black Cat”


“The Cat and the Moon”

two cats 3

“Two Black Cats”

I made these three cushions as a set – “Three Black Cats” (inventive name, I know!)


cats6 cats5

Now – other cats, white and one Siamese:


“Queen of Night”


“Siamese Cat”


“Playful White Cat”

On some cushions cats have a company:


“Cat and Dog: Friendship”


“Cat and Mice: Sweet Dreams”


“Cats in Love”

cat and bird 5

“Cat and Bird”


Other cushions are featuring cats in a humorous way:

cats tree3

“The Cats Tree”


“The Cats Family”

cat on baloon

“Cat and Balloon”

"Two Funny Cats"

“Two Funny Cats”


“Four Jolly Cats”

autumn cat2

“Autumn Cat”

All my cushion covers are completely hand-sewn, I used the raw edge applique technique when making it. The applique details are made of  high quality fabrics. I embroidered some details and used beads, buttons and other trimmings.

Because I put a lot of imagination, efforts and work into my cushion covers I give them all individual names 🙂

What do you think?

If you’d like to see all my cushions – and other art – you can always look in my Etsy shop here:



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