Little Dissapointment of London

When I go to London I never usually feel let down by it’s many wonders.

I was a little bit today.

When I was on the train I saw this very intriguing sign:


“Wow!” – thought I – “I wonder what hides behind this board? A Willy Wonka style confectionery sweat shop? An  old fashioned sweets heaven for Big City kiddies?” How exciting! How mysterious!

Of course, when I returned home, I just had to look it up.

It looks like it was just an advert for a London theater. Here what it really looks like:


It is not even close to the location of the sign!

Admittedly, the theater is in the building of the former French  chocolate company called Menier which was opened between 1865 and 1874 and had been derelict since the 1980s, then was re-born as the theater in 2004. Which is wonderful in itself, of course!

But this is not what I expected…

The real Menier Chocolate Factory building is undoubtedly sumptuous and magnificent, but for me  suddenly gone was some enigmatic charm of anticipation of a mystery…

It was just an advertising sign, nothing else…

A bit sad…


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