The Wonders of London. Again.

I have been very busy lately painting a big commission of six cats portrait. But last weekend I went to London again to explore more of it’s many wonderful secrets.

My first visit was to the Tower of London to see the poppies installation of which I heard so much and many photographs of which I saw everywhere.

But I HAD to see it for myself.

And I did.


Wow!!! Just wow! I have to say that no photo would ever convey the true magnificence of that sight.

It was unforgettable!

Scarlet carpet of flowers was covering the vast moat of the ancient castle, flowing over the steps, looking endless and eternal…


The whole installation was made to commemorate the fallen British soldiers who gave their lives during the First World War (a red poppy traditionally  represents the War’s heroes here). Earlier this year the world was remembering the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the WW1 and here was another great monument to the brave people who fought valiantly and paid the highest price – their lives.



888,246 British soldiers perished at the battlefields of the war. For each of the fallen soldiers a hand-made ceramic poppy was installed near the Tower of London.


I thought it was very poignant and moving and… – “LEST WE FORGET”


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