London Wonders – All Hallows Church, part 3

In my previous post we were moving around the main body of the All Hallows by the Tower Church which is in the City of London.

Presently my kind guide took me to the Mariners Chapel.

Probably because the place where the church is situated is so close to the Thames, there are a lot of memorials, taverns, pubs, offices, building associated with the sailors. The All Hallows is no exception.

Mariners Chapel

Mariners Chapel

The Mariners Chapel is a small one tucked in the corner of the church, to the right of the main altar. The stained glass windows  contain the coats of arms of various shipping companies associated with the church.

In the center of the wooden screen is the crucifix, it’s wood comes from the Cutty Sark, and the ivory figure of Christ  is said to come from the Captain’s cabin of the flagship of the Spanish Armada.


I noticed a huge book in In a wooden case near the wall – it was a Memorial Book which lists the names of those who have died at sea and for whom there is no known grave.

There was also a big bell mounted in the wall:


And tablets like this one on the walls:



All in all, the atmosphere in this corner of the church was quite solemn and also made you feel very sad and very proud for all these young – or not very young – men who were all heroes…


There is one more unbelievably interesting  story to come about this wonderful church – watch this space!


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