A fox cushion with a difference – because it’s a Polar Fox!

Don’t you think she is cute?


"Polar Fox" cushion

“Polar Fox” cushion



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Dachshund pillow, cushion cover “Sausage Dog in the Rain”, appliqued, handmade

It took me a long time to finish this cushion cover because I created this design where every single tiny rain drop was sewn by hand. Mine! 🙂


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New Cats!

I did it again! Tried a new style of cats painting. 🙂 This time the subject is – Cats in Love; and the design is yet different again from my original Fantasy Cats™ but still as unconventional as ever.

The subject of this collection of four paintings is a couple of cats, in some of them the boyfriend is wooing his girlfriend with various offerings and then they just celebrate their love! Isn’t it what life is about? “All you need is love”, etc.


"Say 'I love you' with a fish!"

“Say ‘I love you’ with a fish!”


"Say 'I love you' with a flower!"

“Say ‘I love you’ with a flower!”


“Love you so”


"Drink for our love"

“Drink for our love”

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There is always a space for improvements! Look at this cushion.

It happened to me before, when I made something and then after a while I returned and changed or added something else.

This was the case with this cushion. I made it before the New Year (as the Goat is the Chinese symbol of 2015) but wasn’t entirely happy with it. So out it went and I appliqued and embroidered and beaded away!

Here is “before” and “after”:
















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Handmade cats cushion cover – made by me!

Here is another one of my cats creation – a pillow/cushion cover this time.

I really enjoyed making it, although the eyes were quite difficult to do and I loved embroidering the delicate dragonflies! (Took me a long time though 🙂 )

Cushion cover "Black and White Cats"

Cushion cover “Black and White Cats”


Cushion cover "Black and White Cats"

Cushion cover “Black and White Cats”

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