Sorry for my absence!


This is the reason I haven’t written anything here in ages, haven’t painted anything or done any sewing for the same period of time.

The SPRING has come and it is the one to blame.

There is just so much to do! Consider this: tidy up the garden after all those winter months of neglect. Prune the roses, fruit trees, anything untidy or scruffy.

Saw the innumerous amount of seeds, vegetable and flower. Look after them, thinking all the time “Will it sprout or not?”

Well, they did. All two million of them. Then I had to replant the seedlings, etc.

Then I run out of the windowsills in my house. So up went the greenhouses (see the photo above)

All this busy time I stopped from time to time and looked around. And what I saw reconciled me with all the labour done or which is still to come my way:

spring garden3

I am really happy, really, to do all these jobs as I know that the result will – eventually! – be my garden full of beautiful flowers, bright colors and buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies. In one word – my own private paradise! It will be worth it. It has been, every year.

spring garden2 spring garden1

But you know what? I started really missing my art… Hmmm… Break in gardening and comeback of art? I think so!


3 thoughts on “Sorry for my absence!

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