Another Fantasy Cat™ is joining the family!

Here is the latest of my Fantasy Cats:


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“Inquisitive Cat in Deep-Blue”

Size : 13 cm x 18 cm; approx 5″ x 7″
Medium : Acrylic paints
Material : canvas


Van Gogh once said, “There is no blue without yellow […]” and this is so true! So, here is my Deep-Blue Cat on the bright yellow, sunny background. I think it worked out well. What do you think?

If you are interested you can see all my work here:


I declared my little pillows “On Sale” :)

My Animal Faces cushions are on sale now in my Etsy shop:

bunny1 lionbear1 sheep1

I made quite a few of these cute little pillows addressing them for nurseries or kids’ rooms and most of them sold, these four are all that’s left. So I decided to sell them with 25% discount. So, if you like them for yourself or as a present – you are very welcome!




Another Fantasy Cat for you!

I can’t stop now! 🙂

Here is another Fantasy Cat i painted called

“Happy Cat in Orange with Butterflies”



“Happy Cat in Orange with Butterflies” Size : 22.5cm x 30.5cm; approx 9″x12″ Medium : Acrylic paints Material : canvas

You can see my other works here:

My latest Fantasy Cat painting “Sleepy Cat in Red”

It’s been way too long since I wrote here, sorry! There was a lot of things going on but I am back now – and back to painting my beloved Fantasy Cats!

Here is one for you:


“Sleepy Cat in Red” (acrylics, canvas)



More to follow, I promise 🙂

Meanwhile, you can have a look at all my work here: