Ballet + Poetry + Art = ?

I adore ballet. Not that I am an expert – far from it! – but when I watch it it touches something in my heart… the combination of wonderful music, beautiful dancing and admiration for the great talent of the dancers and their enormously hard work – all this makes ballet an enchanted spectacle for me.

I have written about my love for poetry already, but then it doesn’t need any explanation anyway.

Now, I lam a sucker for old photos! Honestly, I can spend hours looking at them. What were these people (who are long since dead) thinking at that particular moment of taking that photo? Were they happy, sad, preoccupied, carefree? What was going on in their lives? Old photos are irresistible!

And now – what if we combine all three? 


And there… ethereal… resplendent,

Poised to the magic bow attendant, 

A throng of nymphs her guardian band, 

 Istomina* takes up her stand. 

One foot upon the ground she places,

 And then the other slowly twirls, 

  And now she leaps! And now she whirls!

Like down from Eol’s lips she races; 

Then spins and twists and stops to beat 

Her rapid, dazzling, dancing feet. 

The greatest russian poet Alexander Pushkin dedicated this little abstract from a poem to a great XIX century ballerina Evdokia Istomina whom he admired.

But recently I stumbled upon some photographs of Tamara Karsavina, one of the greatest Russian ballerinas 

kar 2

kar 3

kar 4


As soon as I saw these photos I thought about Pushkin’s poem!

It was said about her: “Karsavina is like the dancing flame,  in the light and shadows of which the warm bliss lives … her dancing  is like gentle tones and drawings of  an ethereal pastel”

I think it is the case when the “ballet + poetry + art (of photography)” = magic.