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I thought I would talk about several aspects of my work, of my art, which is presented in my Etsy shop here. It is called “NaturelandsAndCo”

How did it all start?

Why the name?

What is actually there and why they are all so… different?

Well, it started a long time ago. I love art – that much is obvious, and I tried my hand in painting small landscapes. Oh, how difficult it used to be in the USSR – it was next to impossible to buy any art supplies, canvas, paints, brushes, anything! God, getting them took so much efforts, cunning and money, but I was young and persistent and I managed.

Then everything changed so wonderfully and abruptly! When the “perestroika” started (in the 90s the USSR ceased to be, everything changed and for a while there was so much hope for the new… but this is a different story), there opened a lot of opportunities to SHOW what you could do, what you could create. A huge open-air exhibition was opened for everybody in a Moscow park. Amazing time! Anyway, several of my fellow artists and I were noticed and Russian TV run a program about us.

Then a lot happened in my life and I had to postpone my art for a while. But I couldn’t stop entirely, you understand. So, I begun painting again, this time here, in England. I started with what I loved and what I used to paint – landscaped in oil.

"Winter Village" Size : 15 cm x 12.6 cm; approx 6"x5" Medium : Oil Material : primed panel

“Winter Village”
Size : 15 cm x 12.6 cm; approx 6″x5″
Medium : Oil
Material : primed panel

"Moonlit Night" Size : 13cmx18cm; approx 5"x7" Medium : Oil Material : canvas

“Moonlit Night”
Size : 13cmx18cm; approx 5″x7″
Medium : Oil
Material : canvas

I exhibited some of the them in a local art gallery but I felt that it was not quite the right place for my small landscapes and then my daughter told me about Etsy. I opened the store there and it was really good. I called it “Natureland” at first as nature was what I painted 🙂

Later I had to change the name to “Natureland and Co” – because one day there appeared a company, that is  different style paintings of a different subject.

Here we come to my lifelong love of cats. I had cats all my life, since I was a child. I loved all of them and always noticed what great individuals they were, each one a persona, with it’s own habits, manners, etc. So I thought: “Why not paint them but with a twist?” I tried to convey the inner characters of the cats rather that just their exterior. I did it in a stylized way and also in a new media, acrylics. I called them Fantasy Cats:


"Two Cats Waking Up" Size : 51 cm x 40 cm; approx 20"x15.7" Medium : Acrylic paints Material : canvas

“Two Cats Waking Up”
Size : 51 cm x 40 cm; approx 20″x15.7″
Medium : Acrylic paints
Material : canvas

"Two Cheerful Cats" Size : 30cm x 30cm; approx 11.8"x11.8" Medium : Acrylic paints Material : canvas

“Two Cheerful Cats”
Size : 30cm x 30cm; approx 11.8″x11.8″
Medium : Acrylic paints
Material : canvas

"Musing Cat in Cinnamon" Size : 13 cm x 18 cm; approx 5" x 7" Medium : Acrylic paints Material : canvas

“Musing Cat in Cinnamon”
Size : 13 cm x 18 cm; approx 5″ x 7″
Medium : Acrylic paints
Material : canvas

Now, the third type of art in my collection is cushions. Art? Sure it is. My love of handcrafting materialized in creating these handmade appliqued decorative pillow cases. Designing them involve creating a concept of the future cushion, drawing a sketch, finding the right materials and then – lots and lots of painstaking work 🙂 Here are some results:

"Polar Fox" cushion

“Polar Fox” cushion

"Curious Koala"

“Curious Koala”

Cushion cover "Black and White Cats"

Cushion cover “Black and White Cats”

This is the story of how my collection and the Etsy shop was created and I just wanted to share it with you and to invite you in the shop. Welcome!



Roses and poetry – don’t they compliment each other?

The weather is still blessing us here with warmth and sunshine and the roses in my garden are still in bloom.


They remind me about this poem:

A rose is but a rose:
A thing of beauty
So resplendent in pink
Basking in the sun
Emanating fragrance
Fill my heart to content.
The wind of time blows…
One petal trembles
Shakes and falls,
One calendar leaf falls
The inevitable nears
Another petal holds fast
Yet trembles a little longer
Shakes and falls
Another calendar leaf falls.
Rose, oh rose; poor rose.
Short is life but with a purpose

(Paul Sebastian)


Hello, Mr Fox – how did you know?

I began my new project this week – making 3 cushion covers with different foxes but united with some common motif/design… Or that’s the idea anyway.

fox cushion in mking

And then guess what happened?

A fox started coming to my garden!

At first he ate some bread I left on the grass for the birds…

fox in graden

Now he comes regularly, twice a day, every day and expects me to feed him!

fox1 (2) fox 5 (2) fox 5 (1)

Which I obligingly do.

We named him Felix. He is so cute! He just comes into my garden and waits patiently for me to throw some food to him, then he leaves for a couple of minutes – presumably eating the food – and enters again! Until he is satisfied, lol.

Does he know that I am making those cushions or what? Is it like “you are using my images so pay for it”, something like royalties 🙂 ?

I think it is a bit mystic, don’t you? 🙂

Iris… an elusive flower


This is an alpine iris in my garden. It is quite small but, of course, beautiful.


These irises are the only ones that I can grow in my garden! All the others – the  big bearded irises – just don’t want to grow or, if they grow, they don’t flower. I can’t count how many different bulbs I have planted, all various colours – and nothing! I read loads of articles and advice sections on them and tried as best I could to follow them and the result? Nothing!

I have to say that I am quite good with all the other flowers I grow in my garden and it is always full of colour all different plants and flowers donate for me.

Why not irises then?

Oh, well, I suppose I can still enjoy the elaborate beauty of these miniature copies of the forever elusive flowers. Irises…

Let’s celebrate winter!

I refuse to be all depressed because it is winter!

I want to celebrate winter thinking about the fluffy snow, that special frosty cleanliness and freshness – and wonderful animals who likes it as well, by the look of it!


© Alina S


© Simon Phillpotts


© Marcin Kesek


© Keith Williams

PS: Although, we haven’t had any snow yet… Still, the memory is living on!