Another Fantasy Cat for you!

I can’t stop now! 🙂

Here is another Fantasy Cat i painted called

“Happy Cat in Orange with Butterflies”



“Happy Cat in Orange with Butterflies” Size : 22.5cm x 30.5cm; approx 9″x12″ Medium : Acrylic paints Material : canvas

You can see my other works here:


My latest Fantasy Cat painting “Sleepy Cat in Red”

It’s been way too long since I wrote here, sorry! There was a lot of things going on but I am back now – and back to painting my beloved Fantasy Cats!

Here is one for you:


“Sleepy Cat in Red” (acrylics, canvas)



More to follow, I promise 🙂

Meanwhile, you can have a look at all my work here:

My new cushion cover “Happy Fox”

I’ve finished this cushion cover today:

"Happy Fox", handmade appliqued cushion cover

“Happy Fox”, handmade appliqued cushion cover

In anticipation of the forthcoming winter I fancied to embroider some dainty white vines with little leaves around it. I think it looks quite nice.


It is now in my Etsy shop with all my other work. You are very welcome to visit it!

Can Polar Bears Dream?

Well, this one can! Imagine this little soft polar bear cub sitting in his icy Antarctica and dreaming about something he has never seen – a butterfly…

This is my latest creation – handmade appliqued cushion:


"Dreaming about a Butterfly" handmade cushion cover

“Dreaming about a Butterfly” handmade cushion cover






PS: It is so difficult to do the applique with faux fur, I can tell you!


You are very welcome to visit my shop here and have a look at all my works: