Little cute bear wanted to be on my cushion!

And I made it:


“Little Bear under the Tree”, handmade appliqued cushion cover







All my work is here at my Etsy shop:



My latest cushion cover “White Cat with Butterflies”

Of course it is a cat! White cat on this cushion – applique and embroidery go well together, I think.

I painstakingly embroidered every dainty butterfly foe this cheeky white fella, hope he enjoys them 🙂


Cushion cover “White Cat with Butterflies”





This cushion cover is now at my Etsy shop here:,  as well as many other items I made.

Aren’t foxes beautiful? Here’s the one for you

I have just finished this cushion cover today:


I love foxes (they make regular appearances in my garden), I think they are very decorative animals, certainly for my cushions! 🙂 I find the process of the cushion creation quite engaging – how the idea is born, how the main figure is being surrounded by decorative elements, then the colour scheme…



Little details, like these tiny beads on the oak leaves, sometimes come to mind in the process of sewing. Every little stitch is done by hand so I have  lots of time to think about the design.


And then everything is done and all of  sudden it looks almost perfect – or at least exactly how I wanted it to look!


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The Panda project is completed: the second pillow has been made

I have now finished the second Panda cushion, so that the set is done!


“Mischievous Panda”


“Mischievous Panda”, detail


“Mischievous Panda”, detail

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the pair if yo want to buy it , I just think they look good together with my previous one 🙂


As usual you can look at all my works here:


I declared my little pillows “On Sale” :)

My Animal Faces cushions are on sale now in my Etsy shop:

bunny1 lionbear1 sheep1

I made quite a few of these cute little pillows addressing them for nurseries or kids’ rooms and most of them sold, these four are all that’s left. So I decided to sell them with 25% discount. So, if you like them for yourself or as a present – you are very welcome!




My new cushion cover “Happy Fox”

I’ve finished this cushion cover today:

"Happy Fox", handmade appliqued cushion cover

“Happy Fox”, handmade appliqued cushion cover

In anticipation of the forthcoming winter I fancied to embroider some dainty white vines with little leaves around it. I think it looks quite nice.


It is now in my Etsy shop with all my other work. You are very welcome to visit it!