Little cute bear wanted to be on my cushion!

And I made it:


“Little Bear under the Tree”, handmade appliqued cushion cover







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My latest cushion cover “White Cat with Butterflies”

Of course it is a cat! White cat on this cushion – applique and embroidery go well together, I think.

I painstakingly embroidered every dainty butterfly foe this cheeky white fella, hope he enjoys them 🙂


Cushion cover “White Cat with Butterflies”





This cushion cover is now at my Etsy shop here:,  as well as many other items I made.

The Panda project is completed: the second pillow has been made

I have now finished the second Panda cushion, so that the set is done!


“Mischievous Panda”


“Mischievous Panda”, detail


“Mischievous Panda”, detail

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the pair if yo want to buy it , I just think they look good together with my previous one 🙂


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I declared my little pillows “On Sale” :)

My Animal Faces cushions are on sale now in my Etsy shop:

bunny1 lionbear1 sheep1

I made quite a few of these cute little pillows addressing them for nurseries or kids’ rooms and most of them sold, these four are all that’s left. So I decided to sell them with 25% discount. So, if you like them for yourself or as a present – you are very welcome!




June is my favourite month. You know why?

Because my beautiful roses start blossoming in June, that’s why!

Here they are:

This rose I brought in a little pot from Hever Castle 7 years ago and it never fail to delight me ever since. Here is is “before and after”, i.e. in buds and now in full flowering glory


This little beauty called “Irish Eyes” changes it’s colour from red to orange to yellow while it blossoms:


My mother-in-law gave this red rose to me for my birthday and just look at it!


And these are some of the other beautiful blooms I enjoy every time I go out to my garden.

rose 1







Panda cushion, made by me :)

Finished this cushion cover a couple of days ago and I must say, I really enjoyed making it. Pandas are very cute but it’s tricky to keep them that way with applique technique! I think I managed this time 🙂

Handmade appliqued cushion cover "Serene Panda"

Handmade appliqued cushion cover “Serene Panda”



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