Aren’t foxes beautiful? Here’s the one for you

I have just finished this cushion cover today:


I love foxes (they make regular appearances in my garden), I think they are very decorative animals, certainly for my cushions! 🙂 I find the process of the cushion creation quite engaging – how the idea is born, how the main figure is being surrounded by decorative elements, then the colour scheme…



Little details, like these tiny beads on the oak leaves, sometimes come to mind in the process of sewing. Every little stitch is done by hand so I have  lots of time to think about the design.


And then everything is done and all of  sudden it looks almost perfect – or at least exactly how I wanted it to look!


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My latest handmade appliqued cushion “Sleeping Autumn fox”

Autumn here (especially today – horrible wind and torrential rain!) and I was in the mood to make something autumnal…

Here it is:

handmade appliqued cushion "Sleeping Autumn Fox"

handmade appliqued cushion “Sleeping Autumn Fox”

sf5 sf6

Everything is sewn by hand and I loved every minute of it.

Hope you will like it too.

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My latest Handmade Cushion Cover

When I finished this cushion cover I had an image in my head that it is actually a Japanese Clever Fox lurking among the lily leaves in her garden…

So I embroidered some  hieroglyphs meaning “fox”. In Japanese, obviously… 🙂


Size: 48cm / 18″
Materials: Cotton fabrics, felt

fox2 fox1

You can see (and buy it if you wish) along with my other works here