The Panda project is completed: the second pillow has been made

I have now finished the second Panda cushion, so that the set is done!


“Mischievous Panda”


“Mischievous Panda”, detail


“Mischievous Panda”, detail

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the pair if yo want to buy it , I just think they look good together with my previous one 🙂


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Panda cushion, made by me :)

Finished this cushion cover a couple of days ago and I must say, I really enjoyed making it. Pandas are very cute but it’s tricky to keep them that way with applique technique! I think I managed this time 🙂

Handmade appliqued cushion cover "Serene Panda"

Handmade appliqued cushion cover “Serene Panda”



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Find the difference – I added some work on my Panda cushion!

You know how sometimes you look at something you have created and you get this feeling that something is missing… or there is too much of it… or something is not quite right?

In short, you are unhappy with your work.

This is what happened to me the other day. I finished this cushion a while ago but somewhere in that little subconscious  area in my brain I was not satisfied. I kept thinking that something is missing. 

And suddenly while I was making an entirely different cushion it dawned on me! I just knew what I had to do.

Now, look at the old cushion and the improved one. Can you spot two differences? 🙂

sp4 sp new5


OK, you were right.Here they are, the differences, the later additions

sp new7
sp new8If you’d like to see my other work, please, look here

Art or Craft? You decide!

Hello again!

I have to confess to another hobby of mine: I just love needlework. I like embroidering and making applique, so I made several cushions as presents for my family and friends and then decided to sell some…

Anyway, some time ago one of my friends said something about it being “merely a craft”. That got me thinking. I must say I put a lot of creativity in my ‘projects’ (this is how I call my cushion covers). They are all individually designed and then stitched entirely by hand – I don’t use sawing machine. I put a lot of my heart in it, I have to think of a theme, colour scheme, then spend quite a lot of time creating the whole thing. So, do you think I can call it “Art”? Or is it “merely a craft”?

Here are some of my work. If you’d like to see more they are on sale here

autumn cat2 balloon cat2 mice 1 cat and bird 2